Sparkling Marker InkSMI Series

SMI series is the trademark for the sparkling marker ink manufactured by YOU&I Corporation. This ink has a brilliant and shining color tone and excellent water resistance after use. This, therefore, is excellent for schools, offices and decoration, which creates bright and vivid colors that easily draw attention. Tip systems in use for this exceptionally smooth writing ink are not interrupted in writing.


General Information

TypeWater-based, Pigment

Viscosity(25℃, cps)60 ± 40

NibPolyester, Acrylic

pH-Value8.5 ± 1.0

Shelf Life12 Months

Specific Gravity1.05 ± 0.1

CertificationASTM D 4236, EN71-3 & 9

Surface Tension30 ± 3

Product Details

01Exclusive pigment-based ink forms an indelible bond in paper for intense and glamorous glittering effect.

02You can let your customers express their ideas more effectively and creatively.

Actual Color Shade

brush color YELLOW
brush color S.BLUE
brush color ORANGE
brush color BLUE
brush color RED
brush color GREEN
brush color PINK
brush color GOLD
brush color VIOLET
brush color SILVER

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